Brenda Villanueva

Office Manager

Education & Credentials

I firmly believe that each patient should be treated like family. I will strive to ensure that you and your family have the best dental care experience possible. We want you to be our patient for life.

Patient Impact

One patient was terrified about her upcoming treatment and had no family nearby for support. I spoke with her almost every day to listen to her concerns and reassure her. When the day arrived, she asked me to stay in the room with her. She was so grateful I did.


I enjoy doing any water-related activities, but my all-time favorite is hanging out by the beach. My biggest guilty pleasure is hamburgers. If you know of any good spots in Austin, make sure to tell me!

Volunteer/Service Experience

Central Arizona Mission of Mercy


I am an Arizona transplant that saw the heart of Austin after my first visit in 2018. In my spare time, I enjoy the company of my son and partner. We are excited to continue exploring what this beautiful city has to offer.